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NEWS (user visible changes & bigger non-visible ones)

1.8 (released on June 25, 2022)

(there are some changes in the installation procedure compared to 1.6.x; see Installation below)


  • The server protocol (as used my mu4e) has seen a number of updates, to allow for faster rendering. As before, there's no compatibility between minor release numbers (1.4 vs 1.6 vs 1.8) nor within development series (such as 1.7). However, within a stable release (such as all 1.6.x) the protocol won't change (except if required to fix some severe bug; never happened in practice)
  • The processed number in the indexing statistics has been renamed into checked and describes the number of message files considered for updating, which is a bit more useful that the old value, which was more-or-less synonymous with the updated number (which are the message that got (re)parsed / (re)added to the database. Basically, it counts all the messages for which we checked their timestamp.
  • The internals of the message handling in mu have been heavily reworked; much of this is not immediately visible but is an enabler for some new features.
  • instead of passing --muhome, you can now also set an environment variable MUHOME.
  • the info command now includes information about the last indexing operation and the last database change that took place; note that the information may be slightly delayed due to database caching.
  • the verify command for checking signatures has been updated, and is more informative
  • a new command fields provides information about the message fields and flags for use in queries. The information is the same information that mu uses and so stays up to date.
  • a new message field changed, which refers to the time/date of the last time a message was changed (the file ctime)
  • new message flags personal to search for "personal" messages, which are defined as a message with at least one personal contact, and calendar for messages with calendar-invitations.
  • message sexps are now cached in the store, which makes delivering sexp-based search results (as used by mu4e) much faster.
  • Windows/MSYS support is deprecated; it doesn't work well (if at all) and there's currently not sufficient developer interest/expertise to change this.


  • the old mu4e-view is gone; only the gnus-based one remains. This allowed for removing quite a bit of old code.
  • the mu4e headers rendering is much faster (a factor of 3+), which makes displaying big results snappier. This required some updates in the headers handling and in the server protocol. Separate from that, the cached message sexps (see the mu section) make getting the results much faster. This becomes esp. clear when there are a lot of query results.
  • "related" messages are now recognizable as such in the headers-view, with their own face, mu4e-related-face; by default with an italic slant.
  • For performance testing, you can set the variable mu4e-headers-report-render-time to t and mu4e will report the search/rendering speed of each query operation.
  • Removed header-fields :attachments, :signature, :encryption and :user-agent. They're obsolete with the Gnus-based message viewer.
  • The various "toggles" for the headers-view (full-search, include-related, skip-duplicates, threading) were a bit hard to find and with non-obvious key-bindings. For that, there is now mu4e-headers-toggle-setting (bound to M) to handle all of that. The toggles are also reflected in the mode-line; so e.g. 'RTU' means we're including [R]elated messages, and show [T]hreads, skip duplicates ([U]nique).
  • A new defcustom, mu4e-view-open-program for starting the appropriate program for a give file (e.g., xdg-open). There are some reasonable defaults for various systems. This can also be set to a function.
  • indexing happens in the background now and mu4e can interact with the server while it is ongoing; this allows for using mu4e during lengthy indexing operations.
  • mu4e-index-updated-hook now fires after indexing completed, regardless of whether anything changed (before, it fired only is something changed). In your hook-functions (or elsewhere) you can check if anything changed using the new variable mu4e-index-update-status. And note that processed has been renamed into checked, with a slightly different meaning, see the mu section.
  • message-user-organization can now be used to set the Organization: header. See its docstring for details.
  • mu4e-compose-context-switch no longer attempts to update the draft folder (which turned out to be a little fragile). However, it has been updated to automatically change the Organization: header, and attempts to update the message signature. Also, there's a key-binding now: C-c ;
  • Changed the default for mu4e-compose-complete-only-after to 2018-01-01, to filter out contacts not seen after that date.
  • As an additional measure to limit the number of contacts that mu4e loads for auto-completions, there's mu4e-compose-complete-max, to set a precise numerical match (before any possible filtering). Set to nil (no maximum by default).
  • Updated the "fancy" characters for some header fields. Added new ones for personal and list messages.
  • Removed make-mu4e-bookmark which was obsoleted in version 1.3.9.
  • Add command mu4e-sexp-at-point for showing/hiding the s-expression for the message-at-point. Useful for development / debugging. Bound to , in headers and view mode.
  • undo is now supported across message-saves
  • a lot of the internals have been changed:

    • mu4e is slowly moving from using the '~' to the more common '--' separator for private functions; i.e., mu4e-foo becomes mu4e--foo.
    • mu4e-utils.el had become a bit of a dumping ground for bits of code; it's gone now, with the functionality move to topic-specific files mu4e-folders.el, mu4e-bookmarks.el, mu4e-update.el, and included in existing files.
    • the remaining common functionality has ended up in mu4e-helpers.el
    • mu4e-search.el takes the search-specific code from mu4e-headers.el,

and adds a minor-mode for the keybindings.

  • mu4e-context.el and mu4e-update.el also define minor modes with

keybindings, which saves a lot of code in the various views, since they don't need explicitly bind all those function.

  • also mu4e-vars.el had become very big, we're refactoring the defvar /

defcustom declarations to the topic-specific files.

  • mu4e-proc.el has been renamed mu4e-server.el.
  • Between mu and mu4e, contact cells are now represented as a plist ~(:name

"Foo Bar" :email "")~ rather than a cons-cell ("Foo Bar" . "").

If you have scripts depending on the old format, there's the mu4e-contact-cons function which takes a news-style contact and yields the old form.

  • Because of all these changes, it is recommended you remove older version of mu4e before reinstalling.


  • the current guile support has been deprecated. It may be revamped at some point, but will be different from the current one, which is to be removed after 1.8


  • the toys (mug) has been removed, as they no longer worked with the rest of the code.


  • mu switched to the meson build system by default. The existing autotools is still available, but is to be removed after the 1.8 release. Using meson (which you may need to install), you can use something like the following in the mu top source directory:
	$ meson build && ninja -C build
  • However, note that has been updated, and there's a convenience Makefile with some useful targets, so you can also do:
       $ ./ && make # and optionally, 'sudo make install'
  • After that, either ninja -C build or make should be enough to rebuild
  • NOTE: development versions 1.7.18 - 17.7.25 had a bug where the mail file names sometimes got misnamed (with some extra ':2,'). This can be restored with something like:
    $ find ~/Maildir -name '*:2,*:*' | \
       sed "s/\(\([^:]*\)\(:2,\)\{1,\}\(:2,.*$\)\)/mv '\0' '\2\4'/" >

(replace 'Maildir' with the path to your maildir)

once this is done, do check the generated '' and after convincing yourself it does the right thing, do

     $ sh

after that, re-index.

  • Before installing, it is recommended that you remove any older versions of mu and especially mu4e, since they may conflict with the newer ones.
  • mu now requires C++17 support for building

Contributor for this release

  • As per git: c0dev0id, Christophe Troestler, Daniel Fleischer, Daniel Nagy, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, Dr. Rich Cordero, Kai von Fintel, Marcelo Henrique Cerri, Nicholas Vollmer, PRESFIL, Tassilo Horn, Thierry Volpiatto, Yaman Qalieh, Yuri D'Elia, Zero King
  • And of course all the people filing issues, suggesting features and helping out on the maling list.

1.6 (released, as of July 27 2021)

NOTE: After upgrading, you need to call mu init, with your prefered parameters before you can use mu / mu4e. This is because the underlying database-schema has changed.


  • Where available (and with suitably equiped libglib), log to the systemd journal instead of ~/.cache/mu.log. Passing the --debug option to mu increases the amount that is logged.
  • Follow symlinks in maildirs, and support moving messsages across filesystems. Obviously, that is typically quite a bit slower than the single-filesystem case, but can be still be useful.
  • Optionally provide readline support for the mu server (when in tty-mode)
  • Reworked the way mu generates s-expressions for mu4e; they are created programmatically now instead of through string building.
  • The indexer (the part of mu that scans maildirs and updates the message store) has been rewritten so it can work asynchronously and take advantage of multiple cores. Note that for now, indexing in mu4e is still a blocking operation.
  • Portability updates for dealing with non-POSIX systems, and in particular VFAT filesystem, and building using Clang/libc++.
  • The personal addresses (as per --my-address= for mu init) can now also include regular expressions (basic POSIX); wrap the expression in /, e.g., --my-address='/.*@example.*/'.
  • Modernized the querying/threading machinery; this makes some old code a lot easier to understand and maintain, and even while not an explicit goal, is also faster.
  • Experimental support for the Meson build system.


  • Use the gnus-based message viewer as the default; the new viewer has quite a few extra features compared to the old, mu4e-specific one, such as faster crypto, support for S/MIME, syntax-highlighting, calendar invitations and more.

    The new view is superior in most ways, but if you still depend on something from the old one, you can use:

    ;; set *before* loading mu4e; and restart emacs if you want to change it
    ;; users of use-packag~ should can use the :init section for this.
    (setq mu4e-view-use-old t)

    (The older variable mu4e-view-use-gnus with the opposite meaning is obsolete now, and no longer in use).

  • Include maildir-shortcuts in the main-view with overall/unread counts, similar to bookmarks, and with the same :hide and :hide-unread properties. Note that for the latter, you need to update your maildir-shortcuts to the new format, as explained in the mu4e-maildir-shortcuts docstring. You can set mu4e-main-hide-fully-read to hide any bookmarks/maildirs that have no unread messages.
  • Add some more properties for use in capturing org-mode links to messages / queries. See the mu4e manual for details.
  • Honor truncate-string-ellipsis so you can now use 'fancy' ellipses for truncated strings with (setq truncate-string-ellipsis "…")
  • Add a variable mu4e-mu-debug which, when set to non-nil, makes the mu server log more verbosely (to mu.log or the journal)
  • Better alignment in headers-buffers; this looks nicer, but is also a bit slower, hence you need to enable mu4e-headers-precise-alignment for this.
  • Support mu's new regexp-based personal addresses, and add mu4e-personal-address-p to check whether a given string matches a personal address.
  • TAB-Completion for writing mu queries
  • Switch the context for existing draft messages using mu4e-compose-context-switch or C-c C-; in mu4e-compose-mode.

1.4 (released, as of April 18 2020)


  • mu now defaults to the XDG Base Directory Specification for the default locations for various files. E.g. on Unix the mu database now lives under ~/.cache/mu/ rather than ~/.mu. You can still use the old location by passing --muhome=~/.mu to various mu commands, or setting (setq mu4e-mu-home "~/.mu") for mu4e. If your ~/.cache is volatile (e.g., is cleared on reboot), you may want use --muhome. Some mailing-list dicussion suggest that's fairly rare though. After upgrading, you may wish to delete the files in the old location to recover some diskspace.
  • There's a new subcommand mu init to initialize the mu database, which takes the --maildir and --my-address parameters that index used to take. These parameters are persistent so index does not need (or accept) them anymore. mu4e now depends on those parameters. init only needs to be run once or when changing these parameters. That implies that you need to re-index after changing these parameters. The .noupdate files are ignored when indexing the first time after mu init (or in general, when the database is empty).
  • There is another new subcommand mu info to get information about the mu database, the personal addresses etc.
  • The contacts cache (which is used by mu cfind and mu4e's contact-completion) is now stored as part of the Xapian database rather than as a separate file.
  • The --xbatchsize and --autoupgrade options for indexing are gone; both are determined implicitly now.


  • mu4e no longer uses the mu4e-maildir and mu4e-user-mail-address-list variables; instead it uses the information it gets from mu (see the mu section above). If you have a non-default mu4e-mu-home, make sure to set it before mu4e starts. It is strongly recommended that you run mu init with the appropriate parameters to (re)initialize the Xapian database, as mentioned in the mu-section above. The main screen shows your address(es), and issues a warning if user-email-address is not part of that (and refer you to mu init). You can avoid the addresses in the main screen and the warning by setting mu4e-main-view-hide-addresses to non-nil.
  • In many cases, mu4e used to receive all contacts after each indexing operation; this was slow for some users, so we have updated this to only get the contacts that have changed since the last round. We also moved sorting the contacts to the mu-side, which speeds things up further. However, as a side-effect of this, mu4e-contact-rewrite-function and mu4e-compose-complete-ignore-address-regexp have been obsoleted; users of those should migrate to mu4e-contact-process-function; see its docstring for details.
  • Christophe Troestler contributed support for Gnus' calender-invitation handling in mu4e (i.e., you should be able to accept/reject invitations etc.). It's very fresh code, and likely it'll be tweaked in the future. But it's available now for testing. Note that this requires the gnus-based viewer, as per (setq mu4e-view-use-gnus t)
  • In addition, he added support for custom headers, so the ones for for the non-gnus-view should work just as well.
  • org-mode support is enabled by default now. speedbar support is disabled by default. The support org functionality has been moved to mu4e-org.el, with org-mu4e.el remaining for older things.
  • mu4e now adds message-ids to messages when saving drafts, so we can find them even with mu4e-headers-skip-duplicates.
  • Bookmarks (as in mu4e-bookmarks) are now simple plists (instead of cl structs). make-mu4e-bookmark has been updated to produce such plists (for backward compatibility). A bookmark now looks like a list of e.g. (:name "My bookmark" :query "banana OR pear" :key ?f) this format is a bit easier extensible.
  • mu4e recognizes an attribute :hide t, which will hide the bookmark item from the main-screen (and speedbar), but keep it available through the completion UI.
  • mu4e-maildir-shortcuts have also become plists. The older format is still recognized for backward compatibility, but you are encouraged to upgrade.
  • Replying to mailing-lists has been improved, allowing for choosing for replying to all, sender, list-only.
  • A very visible change, mu4e now shows unread/all counts for bookmarks in the main screen that are strings. This is on by default, but can be disabled by setting :hide-unread in the bookmark plist to t. For speed-reasons, these counts do not filter out duplicates nor messages that have been removed from the filesystem.
  • mu4e-attachment-dir now also applies to composing messages; it determines the default directory for inclusion.
  • The mu4e <-> mu interaction has been rewritten to communicate using s-expressions, with a repl for testing.


  • guile 3.0 is now supported; guile 2.2 still works.


  • Updated the mug toy UI to use Webkit2/GTK+. Note that this is just a toy which is not meant for distribution. msg2pdf is disabled for now.

How to upgrade mu4e

  • upgrade mu to the latest stable version (1.4.x)
  • shut down emacs
  • Run mu init in a terminal
  • Make sure mu init points to the right Maildir folder and add your email address(es) the following way: mu init --maildir=~/Maildir
  • once this is done, run mu index
  • Don't forget to delete your old mail cache location if necessary (see release notes for more detail).

Old news


After a bit over a year since version 1.0, here is version 1.2. This is mostly a bugfix release, but there are also a number of new features.


  • Substantial (algorithmic) speed-up of message-threading; this also (or especially) affects mu4e, since threading is the default. See commit eb9bfbb1ca for all the details, and thanks to Nicolas Avrutin.
  • The query-parser now generates better queries for wildcard searches, by using the Xapian machinery for that (when available) rather than transforming into regexp queries.
  • The perl backend is hardly used and will be removed; for now we just disable it in the build.
  • Allow outputting messages in json format, closely following the sexp output. This adds an (optional) dependency on the Json-Glib library.


  • Bump the minimal required emacs version to 24.4. This was already de-facto true, now it is enforced.
  • In mu4e-bookmarks, allow the `:query` element to take a function (or lambda) to dynamically generate the query string.
  • There is a new message-view for mu4e, based on the Gnus' article-view. This bring a lot of (but not all) of the very rich Gnus article-mode feature-set to mu4e, such as S/MIME-support, syntax-highlighting, For now this is experimental ("tech preview"), but might replace the current message-view in a future release. Enable it with: (setq mu4e-view-use-gnus t) Thanks to Christophe Troestler for his work on fixing various encoding issues.
  • Many bug fixes


  • Now requires guile 2.2.

Contributors for this release:

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Albert Krewinkel, Alberto Luaces, Alex Bennée, Alex Branham, Alex Murray, Cheong Yiu Fung, Chris Nixon, Christian Egli, Christophe Troestler, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, Eric Danan, Evan Klitzke, Ian Kelling, ibizaman, James P. Ascher, John Whitbeck, Junyeong Jeong, Kevin Foley, Marcelo Henrique Cerri, Nicolas Avrutin, Oleh Krehel, Peter W. V. Tran-Jørgensen, Piotr Oleskiewicz, Sebastian Miele, Ulrich Ölmann,


After a decade of development, mu 1.0!

Note: the new release requires a C++14 capable compiler.


  • New, custom query parser which replaces Xapian's 'QueryParser' both in mu and mu4e. Existing queries should still work, but the new engine handles non-alphanumeric queries much better.
  • Support regular expressions in queries (with the new query engine), e.g. "subject:/foo.*bar/". See the new `mu-query` and updated `mu-easy` manpages for examples.
  • cfind: ensure nicks are unique
  • auxiliary programs invoked from mu/mu4e survive terminating the shell / emacs


  • Allow for rewriting message bodies
  • Toggle-menus for header settings
  • electric-quote-(local-)mode work when composing emails
  • Respect format=flowed and delsp=yes for viewing plain-text messages
  • Added new mu4e-split-view mode: single-window
  • Add menu item for `untrash'.
  • Unbreak abbrevs in mu4e-compose-mode
  • Allow forwarding messages as attachments (`mu4e-compose-forward-as-attachment')
  • New defaults: default to 'skip duplicates' and 'include related' in headers-view, which should be good defaults for most users. Can be customized using `mu4e-headers-skip-duplicates' and `mu4e-headers-include-related', respectively.
  • Many bug fixed (see github for all the details).
  • Updated documentation

Contributors for this release:

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Alex Bennée, Arne Köhn, Christophe Troestler, Damien Garaud, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, galaunay, Hong Xu, Ian Kelling, John Whitbeck, Josiah Schwab, Jun Hao, Krzysztof Jurewicz, maxime, Mekeor Melire, Nathaniel Nicandro, Ronald Evers, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry, Sébastien Le Callonnec, Stig Brautaset, Thierry Volpiatto, Titus von der Malsburg, Vladimir Sedach, Wataru Ashihara, Yuri D'Elia.

And all the people on the mailing-list and in github, with bug reports, questions and suggestions.


New development series which will lead to 0.9.18.


  • Increase the default maximum size for messages to index to 500 Mb; you can customize this using the max-msg-size parameter to mu index.
  • implement "lazy-checking", which makes mu not descend into subdirectories when the directory-timestamp is up to date; greatly speeds up indexing (see lazy-check)
  • prefer gpg2 for crypto
  • fix a crash when running on OpenBSD
  • fix clear-links (broken filenames)
  • You can now set the MU_HOME environment variable as an alternative way of setting the mu homedir via the muhome command-line parameter.


reading messages
  • Add `mu4e-action-view-with-xwidget`, and action for viewing e-mails inside a Webkit-widget inside emacs (requires emacs 25.x with xwidget/webkit/gtk3 support)
  • Explicitly specify utf8 for external html viewing, so browsers can handle it correctly.
  • Make `shr' the default renderer for rich-text emails (when available)
  • Add a :user-agent field to the message-sexp (in mu4e-view), which is either the User-Agent or X-Mailer field, when present.
composing messages
  • Cleanly handle early exits from message composition as well as while composing.
  • Allow for resending existing messages, possibly editing them. M-x mu4e-compose-resend, or use the menu; no shortcut.
  • Better handle the closing of separate compose frames
  • Improved font-locking for the compose buffers, and more extensive checks for cited parts.
  • automatically sign/encrypt replies to signed/encrypted messages (subject to `mu4e-compose-crypto-reply-policy')
searching & marking
  • Add a hook `mu4e-mark-execute-pre-hook`, which is run just before executing marks.
  • Just before executing any search, a hook-function `mu4e-headers-search-hook` is invoked, which receives the search expression as its parameter.
  • In addition, there's a `mu4e-headers-search-bookmark-hook` which gets called when searches get invoked as a bookmark (note that `mu4e-headers-search-hook` will also be called just afterwards). This hook also receives the search expression as its parameter.
  • Remove the 'z' keybinding for leaving the headers view. Keybindings are precious!
  • Fix parentheses/precedence in narrowing search terms
  • Allow for indexing in the background; see `mu4e-index-update-in-background`.
  • Better handle mbsync output in the update buffer
  • Add variables mu4e-index-cleanup and mu4e-index-lazy to enable lazy checking from mu4e; you can sit from mu4e using something like:
(setq mu4e-index-cleanup nil ;; don't do a full cleanup check
  mu4e-index-lazy-check t) ;; don't consider up-to-date dirs #+END_SRC
  • don't overwrite global-mode-string, append to it.
  • Make org-links (and more general, all users of mu4e-view-message-with-message-id) use a headers buffer, then view the message. This way, those linked message are just like any other, and can be deleted, moved etc.
  • Support org-mode 9.x
  • Improve file-name escaping, and make it support non-ascii filenames
  • Attempt to jump to the same messages after a re-search update operation
  • Add action for spam-filter options
  • Let `mu4e~read-char-choice' become case-insensitive if there is no exact match; small convenience that affects most the single-char option-reading in mu4e.


  • an experimental Perl binding ("mup") is available now. See perl/ for details.


Aaron LI, Abdo Roig-Maranges, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Alex Bennée, Allen, Anders Johansson, Antoine Levitt, Arthur Lee, attila, Charles-H. Schulz, Christophe Troestler, Chunyang Xu, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, Jakub Sitnicki, Josiah Schwab, jsrjenkins, Jun Hao, Klaus Holst, Lukas Fürmetz, Magnus Therning, Maximilian Matthe, Nicolas Richard, Piotr Trojanek, Prashant Sachdeva, Remco van 't Veer, Stephen Eglen, Stig Brautaset, Thierry Volpiatto, Thomas Moulia, Titus von der Malsburg, Yuri D'Elia, Vladimir Sedach

Old news



2016-01-20: Release from the 0.9.15 series


Adam Sampson, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Bar Shirtcliff, Charles-H. Schulz, Clément PitClaudel, Damien Cassou, Declan Qian, Dima Kogan, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, Foivos S. Zakkak, Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson, Jeroen Tiebout, JJ Asghar, Jonas Bernoulli, Jun Hao, Martin Yrjölä, Maximilian Matthé, Piotr Trojanek, prsarv, Thierry Volpiatto, Titus von der Malsburg

(and of course all people who reported issues, provided suggestions etc.)


  • bump version to 0.9.15. From now on, odd minor version numbers are for development versions; thus, 0.9.16 is to be the next stable release.
  • special case text/calendar attachments to get .vcs extensions. This makes it easier to process those with external tools.
  • change the message file names to better conform to the maildir spec; this was confusing some tools.
  • fix navigation when not running in split-view mode
  • add `mu4e-view-body-face', so the body-face for message in the view can be customized; e.g. (set-face-attribute 'mu4e-view-body-face nil :font "Liberation Serif-10")
  • add `mu4e-action-show-thread`, an action for the headers and view buffers to search for messages in the same thread as the current one.
  • allow for transforming mailing-list names for display, using `mu4e-mailing-list-patterns'.
  • some optimizations in indexing (~30% faster in some cases)
  • new variable mu4e-user-agent-string, to customize the User-Agent: header.
  • when removing the "In-reply-to" header from replies, mu4e will also remove the (hidden) References header, effectively creating a new message-thread.
  • implement 'mu4e-context', for defining and switching between various contexts, which are groups of settings. This can be used for instance for switch between e-mail accounts. See the section in the manual for details.
  • correctly decode mailing-list headers
  • allow for "fancy" mark-characters; and improve the default set
  • by default, the maildirs are no longer cached; please see the variable mu4e-cache-maildir-list if you have a lot of maildirs and it gets slow.
  • change the default value for org-mu4e-link-query-in-headers-mode to nil, ie. by default link to the message, not the query, as this is usually more useful behavior.
  • overwrite target message files that already exist, rather than erroring out.
  • set mu4e-view-html-plaintext-ratio-heuristic to 5, as 10 was too high to detect some effectively html-only messages
  • add mu4e-view-toggle-html (keybinding: 'h') to toggle between text and html display. The existing 'mu4e-view-toggle-hide-cited' gets the new binding '#'.
  • add a customization variable `mu4e-view-auto-mark-as-read' (defaults to t); if set to nil, mu4e won't mark messages as read when you open them. This can be useful on read-only file-systems, since marking-as-read implies a file-move operation.
  • use smaller chunks for mu server on Cygwin, allowing for better mu4e support there.



Attila, Daniele Pizzolli, Charles-H.Schulz, David C Sterrat, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, Eike Kettner, Florian Lindner, Foivos S. Zakkak, Gour, KOMURA Takaaki, Pan Jie, Phil Hagelberg, thdox, Tiago Saboga, Titus von der Malsburg

(and of course all people who reported issues, provided suggestions etc.)


  • NEWS (this file) is now visible from within mu4e "N" in the main-menu.
  • make `mu4e-headers-sort-field', `mu4e-headers-sort-direction' public (that, is change the prefix from mu4e~ to mu4e-), so users can manipulate them
  • make it possible the 'fancy' (unicode) characters separately for headers and marks (see the variable `mu4e-use-fancy-chars'.)
  • allow for composing in a separate frame (see `mu4e-compose-in-new-frame')
  • add the `:thread-subject' header field, for showing the subject for a thread only once. So, instead of (from the manual):
06:32      Nu To Edmund Dantès   GstDev   + Re: Gstreamer-V4L...
15:08      Nu Abbé Busoni        GstDev   + Re: Gstreamer-V...
18:20      Nu Pierre Morrel      GstDev   \ Re: Gstreamer...
2013-03-18 S  Jacopo             EmacsUsr + emacs server on win...
2013-03-18 S  Mercédès           EmacsUsr  \ RE: emacs server ...
2013-03-18 S  Beachamp           EmacsUsr  + Re: Copying a whole...
22:07      Nu Albert de Moncerf  EmacsUsr   \ Re: Copying a who...
2013-03-18 S  Gaspard Caderousse GstDev   | Issue with GESSimpl...
2013-03-18 Ss Baron Danglars     GuileUsr | Guile-SDL 0.4.2 ava...
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the headers list would now look something like:

06:32      Nu To Edmund Dantès   GstDev   + Re: Gstreamer-V4L...
15:08      Nu Abbé Busoni        GstDev   +
18:20      Nu Pierre Morrel      GstDev   \ Re: Gstreamer...
2013-03-18 S  Jacopo             EmacsUsr + emacs server on win...
2013-03-18 S  Mercédès           EmacsUsr  \
2013-03-18 S  Beachamp           EmacsUsr + Re: Copying a whole...
22:07      Nu Albert de Moncerf  EmacsUsr   \
2013-03-18 S  Gaspard Caderousse GstDev   | Issue with GESSimpl...
2013-03-18 Ss Baron Danglars     GuileUsr | Guile-SDL 0.4.2 ava...
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This is a feature known from e.g. `mutt' and `gnus` and many other clients, and can be enabled by customizing `mu4e-headers-fields' (replacing `:subject' with `:thread-subject')

It's not the default yet, but may become so in the future.

  • add some spam-handling actions to mu4e-contrib.el
  • mu4e now targets org 8.x, which support for previous versions relegated to `org-old-mu4e.el`. Some of the new org-features are improved capture templates.
  • updates to the documentation, in particular about using BBDB.
  • improved URL-handling (use emacs built-in functionality)
  • many bug fixes, including some crash fixes on BSD


add delete option to the find-dups scripts, to automatically delete them. Use with care!

Release 0.9.12


  • truncate all terms the go beyond xapian's max term length
  • lowercase the domain-part of email addresses in mu cfind (and mu4e), if the domain is in ascii
  • give messages without msgids fake-message-ids; this fixes the problem where such messages were not found in include-related queries
  • cleanup of the query parser
  • provide fake message-ids for messages without it; fixes #183
  • allow showing tags in 'mu find' output
  • fix CSV quoting


  • update the emacs <-> backend protocol; documented in the mu-server man page
  • show 'None' as date for messages without it (Headers View)
  • add `mu4e-headers-found-hook', `mu4e-update-pre-hook'.
  • split org support in org-old-mu4e.el (org <= 7.x) and org-mu4e.el
  • org: improve template keywords
  • rework URL handling

Release 0.9.5


  • allow 'contact:' as a shortcut in queries for 'from:foo OR to:foo OR cc:foo OR bcc:foo', and 'recip:' as a shortcut for 'to:foo OR cc:foo OR bcc:foo'
  • support getting related messages (include-related), which includes messages that may not match the query, but that are in the same threads as messages that were
  • support "list:"/"v:" for matching mailing list names, and the "v" format-field to show them. E.g 'mu find'


  • scroll down in message view takes you to next message (but see `mu4e-view-scroll-to-next')
  • support 'human dates', that is, show the time for today's messages, and the date for older messages in the headers view
  • replace `mu4e-user-mail-address-regexp' and `mu4e-my-mail-addresses' with `mu4e-user-mail-address-list'
  • support tags (i.e.., X-Keywords and friends) in the headers-view, and the message view. Thanks to Abdó Roig-Maranges. New field ":tags".
  • automatically update the headers buffer when new messages are found during indexing; set `mu4e-headers-auto-update' to nil to disable this.
  • update mail/index with M-x mu4e-update-mail-and-index; which everywhere in mu4e is available with key C-S-u. Use prefix argument to run in background.
  • add function `mu4e-update-index' to only update the index
  • add 'friendly-names' for mailing lists, so they should up nicely in the headers view


  • add 'mu script' command to run mu script, for example to do statistics on your message corpus. See the mu-script man-page.


  • ported to gtk+ 3; remove gtk+ 2.x code

Release 0.9.9 <2012-10-14 Sun>


  • view: address can be toggled long/short, compose message
  • sanitize opening urls (mouse-1, and not too eager)
  • tooltips for header labels, flags
  • add sort buttons to header-labels
  • support signing / decryption of messages
  • improve address-autocompletion (e.g., ensure it's case-insensitive)
  • much faster when there are many maildirs
  • improved line wrapping
  • better handle attached messages
  • improved URL-matching
  • improved messages to user (mu4e-(warn|error|message))
  • add refiling functionality
  • support fancy non-ascii in the UI
  • dynamic folders (i.e.., allow mu4e-(sent|draft|trash|refile)-folder) to be a function
  • dynamic attachment download folder (can be a function now)
  • much improved manual


  • remove summary (use summary-len instead)
  • add after for mu find, to limit to messages after T
  • add new command `mu verify', to verify signatures
  • fix iso-2022-jp decoding (and other 7-bit clean non-ascii)
  • add support for X-keywords
  • performance improvements for threaded display (~ 25% for 23K msgs)
  • mu improved user-help (and the 'mu help' command)
  • toys/mug2 replaces toys/mug


  • automated tests
  • add mu:timestamp, mu:count
  • handle db reopenings in the background

Release <2012-07-01 Sun>


  • auto-completion of e-mail addresses
  • inline display of images (see `mu4e-view-show-images'), uses imagemagick if available
  • interactively change number of headers / columns for showing headers with C-+ and C in headers, view mode
  • support flagging message
  • navigate to previous/next queries like a web browser (with <M-left>, <M-right>)
  • narrow search results with '/'
  • next/previous take a prefix arg now, to move to the nth previous/next message
  • allow for writing rich-text messages with org-mode
  • enable marking messages as Flagged
  • custom marker functions (see manual)
  • better "dwim" handling of buffer switching / killing
  • deferred marking of message (i.e.., mark now, decide what to mark for later)
  • enable changing of sort order, display of threads
  • clearer marks for marked messages
  • fix sorting by subject (disregarding Re:, Fwd: etc.)
  • much faster handling when there are many maildirs (speedbar)
  • handle mailto: links
  • improved, extended documentation


  • support .noupdate files (parallel to .noindex, dir is ignored unless we're doing a rebuild).
  • append all inline text parts, when getting the text body
  • respect custom maildir flags
  • correctly handle the case where g_utf8_strdown (str) > len (str)
  • make gtk, guile, webkit dependency optional, even if they are installed

Release <2012-05-08 Tue>


  • much faster header buffers
  • split view mode (headers, view); see `mu4e-split-view'.
  • add search history for queries
  • ability to open attachments with arbitrary programs, pipe through shell commands or open in the current emacs
  • quote names in recipient addresses
  • mu4e-get-maildirs works now for recursive maildirs as well
  • define arbitrary operations for headers/messages/attachments using the actions system see the chapter 'Actions' in the manual
  • allow mu4e to be uses as the default emacs mailer (`mu4e-user-agent')
  • mark headers based on a regexp, `mu4e-mark-matches', or '%'
  • mark threads, sub-threads (mu4e-hdrs-mark-thread, mu4e-hdrs-mark-subthread, or 'T', 't')
  • add msg2pdf toy
  • easy logging (using `mu4e-toggle-logging')
  • improve mu4e-speedbar for use in headers/view
  • use the message-mode FCC system for saving messages to the sent-messages folder
  • fix: off-by-one in number of matches shown


  • fix for opening files with non-ascii names
  • much improved support for searching non-Latin (Cyrillic etc.) languages we can now match 'Тесла' or 'Аркона' without problems
  • smarter escaping (fixes issues with finding message ids)
  • fixes for queries with brackets
  • allow summary-len for the length of message summaries
  • numerous other small fixes

Release <2012-04-06 Fri>

NOTE: existing mu/mu4e are recommended to run `mu index rebuild' after installation.


  • allow for searching by editing bookmarks (`mu4e-search-bookmark-edit-first') (keybinding 'B')
  • make it configurable what to do with sent messages (see `mu4e-sent-messages-behavior')
  • speedbar support (initial patch by Antono V)
  • better handling of drafts:

    • don't save too early
    • more descriptive buffer names (based on Subject, if any)
    • don't put "text-follows-this-line" markers in files
  • automatically include signatures, if set
  • add user-settable variables mu4e-view-wrap-lines and mu4e-view-hide-cited, which determine the initial way a message is displayed
  • improved documentation


  • much improved searching for GMail folders (i.e. maildir:/ matching); this requires a 'mu index rebuild'
  • correctly handle utf-8 messages, even if they don't specify this explicitly
  • fix compiler warnings for newer/older gcc and clang/clang++
  • fix unit tests (and some code) for Ubuntu 10.04 and FreeBSD9
  • fix warnings for compilation with GTK+ 3.2 and recent glib (g_set_error)
  • fix mu_msg_move_to_maildir for top-level messages
  • fix in maildir scanning
  • plug some memleaks

Release <2012-03-11 Sun>


  • make mail updating non-blocking
  • allow for automatic periodic update ('mu4e-update-interval')
  • allow for external triggering of update
  • make behavior when leaving the headers buffer customizable, ie. ask/apply/ignore ('mu4e-headers-leave-behaviour')


  • fix output for some non-UTF8 locales
  • open ('play') file names with spaces
  • don't show unnecessary errors for format=links
  • make build warning-free for clang/clang++
  • allow for slightly older autotools
  • fix unit tests for some hidden assumptions (locale, dir structure etc.)
  • some documentation updates / clarifications

Release <2012-02-18 Sat>


  • show only leaf/rfc822 MIME-parts


  • allow for shell commands with arguments in `mu4e-get-mail-command'.
  • support marking messages as 'read' and 'unread'
  • show the current query in the the mode-line (`global-mode-string').
  • don't repeat 'Re:' / 'Fwd:'
  • colorize cited message parts
  • better handling of text-based, embedded message attachments
  • for text-bodies, concatenate all text/plain parts
  • make filladapt dep optional
  • documentation improvements

Release 0.9.8 <2012-01-31 Tue>

  • 'descending' has been renamed into 'reverse'
  • search for attachment MIME-type using 'mime:' or 'y:'
  • search for text in text-attachments using 'embed:' or 'e:'
  • searching for attachment file names now uses 'file:' (was: 'attach:')
  • experimental emacs-based mail client "mu4e"
  • added more unit tests
  • improved guile binding - no special binary is needed anymore, it's installable are works with the normal guile system; code has been substantially improved. still 'experimental'

Release 0.9.7 <2011-09-03 Sat>

  • don't enforce UTF-8 output, use locale (fixes issue #11)
  • add mail threading to mu-find (using -t/threads) (sorta fixes issue #13)
  • add header line to format=mutt-ab (mu cfind), (fixes issue #42)
  • terminate mu view results with a form-feed marker (use terminate) (fixes issue #41)
  • search X-Label: tags (fixes issue #40)
  • added toys/muile, the mu guile shells, which allows for message stats etc.
  • fix date handling (timezones)

Release 0.9.6 <2011-05-28 Sat>

  • FreeBSD build fix
  • fix matching for mu cfind to be as expected
  • fix mu-contacts for broken names/emails
  • clear the contacts-cache too when doing a rebuild
  • wildcard searches ('*') for fields (except for path/maildir)
  • search for attachment file names (with 'a:'/'attach:') also works with wildcards
  • remove xquery completely; use output=xquery instead
  • fix progress info in 'mu index'
  • display the references for a message using the 'r' character (xmu find)
  • remove summary-len/-k, instead use summary for mu view and mu find, and
  • support colorized output for some sub-commands (view, cfind and extract). Disabled by default, use color to enable, or set env MU_COLORS to non-empty
  • update documentation, added more examples

Release 0.9.5 <2011-04-25 Mon>

  • bug fix for infinite loop in Maildir detection
  • minor fixes in tests, small optimizations

Release 0.9.4 <2011-04-12 Tue>

  • add the 'cfind' command, to search/export contact information
  • add 'flag:unread' as a synonym for 'flag:new OR NOT flag:unseen'
  • updated documentation

Release 0.9.3 <2011-02-13 Sun>

  • don't warn about missing files with quiet

Release 0.9.2 <2011-02-02 Wed>

  • stricter checking of options; and options must now follow the sub-command (if any); so, something like: 'mu index maildir=/foo/bar'
  • output searches as plain text (default), XML, JSON or s-expressions using format=plain|xml|json|sexp. For example: 'mu find foobar output=json'. These format options are experimental (except for 'plain')
  • the xquery option should now be used as format=xquery, for output symlinks, use format=links. This is a change in the options.
  • search output can include the message size using the 'z' shortcut
  • match message size ranges (i.e.. size:500k..2M)
  • fix: honor the overwrite (or lack thereof) parameter
  • support folder names with special characters (@, ' ', '.' and so on)
  • better check for already-running mu index
  • when maildir= is not provided for mu index, default to the last one
  • add max-msg-size, to specify a new maximum message size
  • move the 'mug' UI to toys/mug; no longer installable
  • better support for Solaris builds, Gentoo.

Release 0.9.1 <2010-12-05 Sun>

  • Add missing icon for mug
  • Fix unit tests (Issue #30)
  • Fix Fedora 14 build (broken GTK+ 3) (Issue #31)

Release 0.9 <2010-12-04 Sat>

  • you can now search for the message priority ('prio:high', 'prio:low', 'prio:normal')
  • you can now search for message flags, e.g. 'flag:attach' for messages with attachment, or 'flag:encrypted' for encrypted messages
  • you can search for time-intervals, e.g. 'date:2010-11-26..2010-11-29' for messages in that range. See the mu-find(1) and mu-easy(1) man-pages for details and examples.
  • you can store bookmarked queries in ~/.mu/bookmarks
  • the 'flags' parameter has been renamed in 'flag'
  • add a simple graphical UI for searching, called 'mug'
  • fix clearlinks for file systems without entry->d_type (fixes issue #28)
  • make matching case-insensitive and accent-insensitive (accent-insensitive for characters in Unicode Blocks 'Latin-1 Supplement' and 'Latin Extended-A')
  • more extensive pre-processing is done to make searching for email-addresses and message-ids less likely to not work (issue #21)
  • updated the man-pages
  • experimental support for Fedora 14, which uses GMime 2.5.x (fixes issue #29)

Release 0.8 <2010-10-30 Sat>

  • There's now 'mu extract' for getting information about MIME-parts (attachments) and extracting them
  • Queries are now internally converted to lowercase; this solves some of the false-negative issues
  • All mu sub-commands now have their own man-page
  • 'mu find' now takes a summary-len=<n> argument to print a summary of up-to-n lines of the message
  • Same for 'mu view'; the summary replaces the full body
  • Setting the mu home dir now goes with -m, muhome
  • log-stderr, reindex, rebuild, autoupgrade, nocleanup, mode, linksdir, clearlinks lost their single char version

Release 0.7 <2010-02-27 Sat>

  • Database format changed
  • Automatic database scheme version check, notifies users when an upgrade is needed
  • 'mu view', to view mail message files
  • Support for >10K matches
  • Support for unattended upgrades - that is, the database can automatically by upgraded (autoupgrade). Also, the log file is automatically cleaned when it gets too big (unless you use nocleanup)
  • Search for a certain Maildir using the maildir:,m: search prefixes. For example, you can find all messages located in ~/Maildir/foo/bar/cur/msg ~/Maildir/foo/bar/new/msg and with m:/foo/bar this replace the search for path/p in 0.6
  • Fixes for reported issues ()
  • A test suite with a growing number of unit tests

Release 0.6 <2010-01-23 Sat>

  • First new release of mu since 2008
  • No longer depends on sqlite