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Welcome to mu!

Given the enormous amounts of e-mail many people gather and the importance of
e-mail message in our work-flows, it's essential to quickly deal with all that
mail - in particular, to instantly find that one important e-mail you need right

[mu] is a tool for dealing with e-mail messages stored in the
Maildir-format. =mu='s purpose in life is to help you to quickly find the
messages you need; in addition, it allows you to view messages, extract
attachments, create new maildirs, and so on. See the [mu cheatsheet] for some
examples. =mu= is fully documented.

After indexing your messages into a [Xapian]-database, you can search them using
a custom query language. You can use various message fields or words in the
body text to find the right messages.

Built on top of =mu= are some extensions (included in this package):

- mu-for-emacs ([mu4e]): a full-featured e-mail client that runs inside emacs
- [mu-guile]: bindings for the Guile/Scheme programming language (version 2.0
and later)
- a toy GTK+-interface called 'mug' (in the 'toys/' subdir)

=mu= is written in C and a bit of C++ (to interface with Xapian), with =mu4e=
written in [Emacs-Lisp] and =mu-guile= in a mix of C and Scheme.

Note, =mu= is available in Debian/Ubuntu under the name =maildir-utils=;
apparently because they don't like short names. It's also possible to confuse
that name with the [GNU Mailutils] project (which is totally unrelated) - but
now you have been warned.

[mu cheatsheet]:
[GNU Mailutils]: