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  • The package and theme name changed from m to metropolis!
  • The title format values have been restructured. Please refer to the manual.

Metropolis is a simple, modern Beamer theme suitable for anyone to use. It tries to minimize noise and maximize space for content; the only visual flourish it offers is an (optional) progress bar added to each slide. The core design principles of the theme were described in a blog post here.

Not convinced? Have a look at the demo slides.



To install a stable version of this theme, please refer to update instructions of your TeX distribution. Metropolis is on CTAN since December 2014 thus it is part of MikTeX and will be part of TeX Live 2016.

Installing Metropolis from source, like any Beamer theme, involves four easy steps:

  1. Download the source with a git clone of the Metropolis repository or as a zip archive of the latest development version.
  2. Compile the style files by running make sty inside the downloaded directory. (Or run LaTeX directly on source/metropolistheme.ins.)
  3. Move the resulting *.sty files to the folder containing your presentation. To use Metropolis with many presentations, run make install or move the *.sty files to a folder in your TeX path instead (might require sudo rights).
  4. Use the theme for your presentation by declaring \usetheme{metropolis} in the preamble of your Beamer document.
  5. For best results install Mozilla's Fira Sans.


The following code shows a minimal example of a Beamer presentation using Metropolis.

\usetheme{metropolis}           % Use metropolis theme
\title{A minimal example}
\author{Matthias Vogelgesang}
\institute{Centre for Modern Beamer Themes}
  \section{First Section}
  \begin{frame}{First Frame}
    Hello, world!

Detailed information on using Metropolis can be found in the manual.

For an alternative dark color theme, please have a look at Ross Churchley's excellent owl theme.


The theme itself is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that if you change the theme and re-distribute it, you must retain the copyright notice header and license it under the same CC-BY-SA license. This does not affect the presentation that you create with the theme.