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#+STARTUP: showall
* TODO (fixes, ideas, etc.)
** Future stuff
*** mu
- put threading information in the database, and enable getting the complete
threads when searching
- refactor fill_database function in test cases
- don't show duplicate e-mails (i.e.. for Gmail); check the message-id
*** mu-guile
- move contact export to separate scm
- fix logging
*** mu4e
- special-case replying to messages sent by self
- identities (see Jacek's 'mu4e: From field in replies' mail)
==> [ workaround available, using mu4e-pre-compose-hook, dynamic folders ]
- new-mail warning
==> [ workaround available, using mu4e-index-updated-hook ]
- custom header fields in headers-view, message-view
- show maildirs as a tree, not a list in speed bar
- review emacs menus
- re-factor / separate window/buffer management
- enable keeping message view buffers around
- better naming for draft/view buffers
- header updating interferes with marks (when updating for 'mark as read',
when reading a marked message)
- set/unset flag editing command
- handling of database upgrades
- restore point after rerunning a search
- make the mu4e-bookmarks format similar to the other ones
- refresh current query after update?
- fix mu4e-mark-set to work from the view buffer as well
- open links to mails through headers-mode somehow (i.e..,
- improve mouse interaction (i.e., cursor vs point)
- show counts of messages in searches (in main view)
- show flush only if there's something to flush (and # of flushables)
- fix unsafe temp-file handling
- make copy paste name/address in mu4e-view possible
* Done (0.9.9.x)
- mu4e: scroll down > go to next message
- mu: add contact: as a shortcut for matching from/to/cc/bcc:
- guile integration
- statistics
- 'human' dates in the headers view
- :tags in headers, message view
* Done
** Done (0.9.9)
- make contacts in the view clickable (toggle long/short display, compose message)
- opening urls is too eager (now use M-RET for opening url at point, not just
RET, which conflicted with using RET for scrolling)
- document quoting of queries
- use mu-error
- tooltips in header labels
- tooltip for flags field
- remove --summary option (for mu find, mu view); use --summary-len instead
- add sort buttons to header labels (and do the sorting)
- cleanup mu-cmd-find
- implement --after for mu find, to only show message files changed after a
certain time (mtime)
- add mu:timestamp for guile (referring to the message file's mtime)
- guile automated tests
- add 'mu verify'
- automated tests
- handle verbose/quiet/normal output 'mu verify'
- check gmime 2.4 does not break
- hook up mu4e with 'mu verify'
- add 'help' command
- refactor mu-msg-part
- move widgets/ into toys/mug2, remove toys/mug/, rename toys/mug2 -> toys/mug
- add guile mu:count
- don't show GPG/PKCS7 sigs as attachments
- fix address completion (quote names)
- add support for X-Keywords (in addition to X-Label)
- guile: add stats test cases
- fixed iso-2022-jp (japanese) decoding
- make address completion case-insensitive
- recognize '*' in urls
- handle exception 'The revision being read has been discarded - you should
call Xapian::Database::reopen() and retry the operation'
- handle passwords from get-mail shell command
- support fancy (non-ascii) chars for header flags, thread prefix strings
- improve performance of getting the list of maildirs
- fix setting wrapped/hide state in viewer
- fix ' realpath() failed for...' stuff
- allow for fancy chars (> ascii), make it configurable (mu4e-use-fancy-chars)
- don't user `error' for user-errors
- better echo-area reporting
- improve help feedback for user (command line)
- handling of encrypted messages
- improved checked for gmime-2.6 crypto funcs
- handling of command line options / help
- fix / add support for :size
- mu4e~view-wrap-lines (use visual-line-mode? see Jacek's mu4e~view-wrap-lines
- better help
- threading optimizations
- actions for /all/ headers, actions for /all/ attachment
- handle attached messages with attachments
** Done (
- make next/prev header respect prefix argument (Jacek's patch)
- make search results a stack (well, multiple stacks)
- optionally keep cc with user's email
- enable setting/unsetting 'Flagged' on messages
- allow narrowing of search results
- interactive split-view control (Jacek)
- view images inline
- *FIX* slow maildirs when there are many
- *FIX* ignore unrecognized maildir flag letters
- *FIX*: reply-to does not make it to the frontend
- *FIX* wrong buffer deleted after sending (see '(non mu) buffer is killed')
- rich text composing (with org-mode)
- let message-mode deal with burying/killing compose buffers
- *FIX* add runtime check for imagemagick
- *FIX* no error note if target message already exists (when moving)
- sorting + show / hide threads
- *FIX* having multiple header views visible
- *FIX* fix for strings where len (g_utf8_strdown (str)) > len (str)
- make sure marks correspond to the *current* message in message view (see
- *FIX* don't remove unknown message flags when moving
- make guile/gtk/webkit dependency optional
- improve fringe marks (see
- mark message, decide what to do with them later (i.e.. 'deferred marking')
- custom predicate functions for marking
- make mu4e buffer killing less aggressive (i.e.., DWIM)
- about mu4e
- hide some headers when composing
- fix sorting subjects with ':' (but not 'Re:' or 'Fwd:')
- strip signature from original when replying
- make refresh after changing sort, threads the default
- contact completion (see Jacek's 'mu4e: using' mail)
- *FIX* emacs23 mailto: handling
- *FIX* message interference
- *FIX* emacs23.2+ auto-completion
# Local Variables:
# mode: org
# End: