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Movie Spy Is a program to quickly collect all personal information from a computer. Ideally run from a live USB stick. The name comes from the fact that in movies spies can just quickly insert a USB key and get all the important data.

As of now it doesn't start automatically when you plug in an USB stick. In fact this program was mostly developed as a fun project for myself and is not really intended to be used seriously.


moviespy <source> <destination>
moviespy (-h | --help)
moviespy --version


-h --help     Show this screen.
--version     Show version.

Planned features

  • As of now the program just overwrites files with the same name. I would like to insert a check if the files are the same and when they aren't the same append a an increasing number. This way less files should get lost. [2018-05-13 So] As of this date a very rough duplicate check has been integrated. I don't think it's very reliable however.