A collection of useful powershell scripts
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This is my collection of usefull powershell scripts. The idea is to automate various tasks and provide other usefull functions.


To just use the scripts on a day to day basis I recommend that you just start the control-ad.ps1 script. This will then show you a simple menu and let's you execute the various scripts from there.

The scripts however, are written to get started on their own as well and can get converted into modules very easily. Each script contains a function which then gets called on the last line. If you want to convert the script into a module just delete the last line and rename the script to script-name.psm1

Currently some functions might be a bit rough but I intend to clean them up along the way.


  • Add a script to validate a user This way I could add a check to the scripts and inform the user that he used a wrong username