This application provides an interface to borg backup. At a later point it might as well work with restic.
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This application provides an interface to borg backup. At a later point it might as well work with restic.


To install the application either "git clone" it in the folder you want with:

git clone

or simply download it and extract the zip to your prefered location.:


Before starting the application make sure that you have configured it properly. See the section Configuration for more details. To start the application simply execute the file. You will then see a list of options which are fairly self explanatory.


To configure borg_interface please edit the borg_interface.cfg file. All the options have to be placed under the [DEFAULT] section. The config file itself can reside at ~/.config/borg_interface/borg_interface.cfg (recommended) or at ~/.borg_interface.cfg or next to the script.

The proper syntax is:

option: value



Possible values as of now are:


define a server on which the archive reside.


defines the user which has permission to connect to the server.


defines the path where the repository is set up. This is needed for both a remote and a local repository.


defines the repository password

Example Config

server: testserver.local
user: borg
repository_path: /home/borg/backup/repository
password: foo

Backup by using cronjobs

To make it easier to do automated backups I've created the function. To use it simply add a cronjob with:

crontab -e

Then enter a line like this for example:

0 * * * *  /path/to/borg_interface/

Now your system will take a backup every hour.

NOTE: Currently the backup path is hardcoded in the script but should be quite easy to change. Basically you just need to change the path_to_backup variable. I will add a configuration option for the backup path at a later point.