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Source Serif Pro v1.4

This package provides the Source Serif Pro typeface as a LaTeX package. Full documentation and revision history in sourceserifpro.pdf.


The following options can be used:

  • oldstyle, osf: use old style numbers.
  • lining, nf: use lining numbers.
  • tabular: use fixed-width numbers.
  • proportional: use normal numbers.
  • black: \bfseries is black.
  • semibold: \bfseries is semibold.
  • bold: \bfseries is bold.
  • light: \mdseries is light.
  • extralight: \mdseries is extra light.
  • regular: \mdseries is regular.
  • scale, scaled: set scaling for the font, eg: scale=.5
  • default: Source Serif Pro is set as default font family.
  • normdefault: Source Serif Pro is not set as roman (serif) family.
  • type1, t1: override detection and load the Type1 font family.
  • opentype, otf: override detection and load the OpenType font family.


Fonts are provided under the SIL Open Font License 1.1. LaTeX source is licensed under the LPPL version 1.3 or higher.