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# Changelog
## v23.12.0 (2023-12-03)
### New
- Implement frontmatter based filtering (#163) [Martin Heuschober]
This allows limiting the notes that will be exported using `--skip-tags` and `--only-tags`:
- using `--skip-tags foo --skip-tags bar` will skip any files that have the tags `foo` or `bar` in their frontmatter
- using `--only-tags foo --only-tags bar` will skip any files that **don't** have the tags `foo` or `bar` in their frontmatter
### Fixes
- Trim filenames while resolving wikilinks [Nick Groenen]
Obsidian trims the filename part in a [[WikiLink|label]], so each of
these are equivalent:
[[ wikilink ]]
[[ wikilink |wikilink]]
Obsidian-export now behaves similarly.
Fixes #188
### Other
- Relicense to BSD-2-Clause Plus Patent License [Nick Groenen]
This license achieves everything that dual-licensing under MIT + Apache
aims for, but without the weirdness of being under two licenses.
Having checked external contributions, I feel pretty confident that I
can unilaterally make this license change, as people have only
contributed a handful of one-line changes of no significance towards
copyrighted work up to this point.
- Add a lifetime annotation to the Postprocesor type [Robert Sesek]
This lets the compiler reason about the lifetimes of objects used by the
postprocessor, if the callback captures variables.
See zoni/obsidian-export#175
- Use cargo-dist to create release artifacts [Nick Groenen]
This will create binaries for more platforms (including ARM builds for
MacOS) and installer scripts in addition to just the binaries themselves.
## v22.11.0 (2022-11-19)
### New

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@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ dependencies = [
name = "obsidian-export"
version = "22.11.0"
version = "23.12.0"
dependencies = [

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name = "obsidian-export"
version = "22.11.0"
version = "23.12.0"
authors = ["Nick Groenen <>"]
edition = "2018"
license = "MIT OR Apache-2.0"