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Hands Free Voice Controls

NOTE: By default these voice controls are disabled as they use an as yet unknown amount of internet. You can turn them on in the "general" section of Settings.

Google Play Music Desktop Player has implemented the webkitSpeechRecognition API to pick up what you say and uses a cool JS command parser that I wrote myself to translate that into a single action or a complex series of actions.

For example you can say some as simple as:

Hey music, pause

This would simply pause your music

To something as complex as:

Hey music, can you set the volume to 40%, play playlist My Tunes and then mix it up

Which would

  • Set your volume to 40%
  • Play one of your playlists with the name "My Tunes"
  • Turn shuffle on play a random song from your current queue

This voice controls are as powerful as we make them, if you want a new voice command you can try implement it yourself or raise a feature request issue.

What can I say though?

All command listed below must be prefixed with a hotword. Our current hotword's are Hey music and OK player.

You commands don't have to sound robotic either, you can use basic grammar between commands such as 'can you'. So instead of Hey music pause it becomes nicer and Hey music, can you pause.

Play Playlist

Play playlist [playlist name]
Play the playlist [playlist name]

Note: This is the ONLY command that cannot be followed by any other commands





Next Track

Next Track
Fast forward

Previous Track

Previous Track
Start again

Thumbs Down

This song sucks

Thumbs Up

This song is great
This song is epic
This song is awesome
This song rocks
This song rules

Shuffle and play random song from Queue

Mix it up

Turn shuffle on

Turn shuffle on
Shuffle on

Turn shuffle off

Turn shuffle off
Shuffle off

Navigate to an artist

Go to artist [Artist Name]
Load artist [Artist Name]
Navigate to artist [Artist Name]

NOTE: This doesn't work with All Access artists yet

Open Settings

Open Settings Show Settings
Load Settings

Increase volume at 5% increments

Turn it up
Bring it up
Turn the volume up
Make it louder
I can't hear it

Decrease volume at 5% increments

Turn it down
Take it down
Turn the volume down
Make it quieter
Make it more quiet

Set the volume to a specific level

Set volume to [Number]
Set volume [Number]
Set the volume to [Number]
Make the volume [Number]

Note: [Number] must a number between 0 and 100 and can optionally be followed by percent.

Set the volume to 100%

Make it boom
Sing it out
Pump it
Get this party started

Set the volume to 0% (Mute)

Shut up
Turn this right down
Party is over

Undo the volume change caused by setting to 100% or muting

Reset the volume