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Samuel Attard 78a8b26b07 chore: fix tests and translations 1 year ago
circle_docker New Circle 1 year ago
snap Localized .desktop file in French (#2890) 1 year ago Feature/docker (#1316) 3 years ago
download-releases.js Add use strict on vendor JS files 3 years ago
patch_dev.js Patch the electron.exe file on windows so it looks better 2 years ago
postversion.js Auto bump snapcraft version on npm version bump 2 years ago
setup_window.ps1 Add installers, admin permission checks, better directory handling (#1249) 3 years ago
signtool.exe Forgot to push signtool 3 years ago
svg_raster.js Put a stop to random icon glitches 1 year ago
update-translations.js chore: fix tests and translations 1 year ago