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# Configuration for welcome -
# Configuration for new-issue-welcome -
# Comment to be posted to on first time issues
newIssueWelcomeComment: |
👋 Thanks for opening your first issue here! If you're reporting a 🐞 bug, please make sure you include steps to reproduce it. We get a lot of duplicate issues on this repo, so please double check now that your issue has not already been solved or doesn't have an open issue already.
To help make it easier for us to investigate your issue, please follow the [contributing guidelines]( and ensure the issue template was filled out.
# Configuration for new-pr-welcome -
# Comment to be posted to on PRs from first time contributors in your repository
newPRWelcomeComment: |
💖 Thanks for opening this pull request! 💖
Here is a list of things that will help get it across the finish line:
- Run `npm run lint` locally to catch formatting errors earlier.
- Include tests when adding/changing behavior.
- Include screenshots and animated GIFs whenever possible.
- If you added new translation strings ensure that you have added empty strings for all languages
- If you added new functionality or modified existing functionality please ensure it is tested
# Configuration for first-pr-merge -
# Comment to be posted to on pull requests merged by a first time user
firstPRMergeComment: >
Congrats on merging your first pull request! Have a :star:
# It is recommend to include as many gifs and emojis as possible!