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  Renato "Lond" Cerqueira b5c6bd893b
Bump ytmusic.js (#3922) 2 months ago
  jackyboygood e136c70b13
Add keyboard shortcut for lyrics (#3824) 6 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander faeeead65a
Hide things that should not be shown (#3766) 6 months ago
  jackyboygood 7146fd616e
Toggle YTM button in settings (#3825) 6 months ago
  Patrick Whelan 9fb90d856c
Fixed bug #3805 (#3830) 6 months ago
  Gideon van Melle 3e79126432
Update nl-NL.json (#3905) 6 months ago
  CJ Meyer 105de3ae41
Update README.md (#3842) 6 months ago
  Timon 1e6d430b4b
Add Button to open the Desktop Settings to YTM (#3850) 6 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander a7c924b32e
Fixes #3869. Album art size. (#3875) 6 months ago
  Jorge Hernández 70db2a0c0b
Fix #3888: Upgrade ytmusic to 6.2.2 (#3897) 8 months ago
  RosenDev 8202683f02
added bulgarian language in settings menu, updated bulgarian language settings and fixed build for macOS (#3874) 10 months ago
  Ethan P fb6ffb2229
Add custom style support for YouTube Music (#3804) 10 months ago
  RosenDev 1be9f90cf4
Feature/bulgarian lanuage support (#3840) 10 months ago
  Suraj Shah f22d0c965d
Fix text spacing in ISSUE_TEMPLATE and place it inside .github directory (#3808) 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard f18e6c9f71 chore: bump to 4.7.1 to catch stragglers on strange 4.7.x versions 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard a6065183e7
refactor: only spoof UA for google accounts requests to retain old working Chrome spoofs for chromecast 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 83cfd07526
chore: fake the UA to google play music to get the cast button 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 7d1c778dbe
chore: add settings flag for permanent dev mode 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard ea384b2716
fix: update gmusic.js dependencies to fix API integrations 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard c9078b267e
chore: update MR_CHANGELOG and bump version 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 1a472ab2b0
fix: use the Golden User Agent 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 20ef45a40e
chore: add flag for legacy playback time monitoring 1 year ago
  Jesse Ostrander 46c65a4706 Add supportedUriSchemes and supportedMimeTypes for KDE check (#3673) 1 year ago
  reduckted cc6ebad51b Reload styles when reload button is clicked (#3752) 1 year ago
  reduckted 4f1e48016d Emit "load styles" events when file is not specified to clear custom styles (#3753) 1 year ago
  Or Bin bb123156a7 Fixed contributing guidelines link (#3709) 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 3f36c34249 chore: update the user agent for the chrome signin trick 1 year ago
  Christopher James Halse Rogers 4b64f7a674 snap: Multiple improvements (#3697) 1 year ago
  reduckted 5694c2d878 Handle gulp errors to prevent watch tasks hanging on errors (#3671) 1 year ago
  Joshua Friesenhahn aa96c2a5e6 Update CI build info in Readme (#3664) 1 year ago
  reduckted 76e8c14502 Add a clear button to FileInput to allow custom styles to be cleared (#2031) (#3669) 1 year ago
  Fortunato Ventre a3b540950f Update italian translation (#3659) 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 2accdc8136
build: attempt to fix appveyor 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 10aaca9b4b
build: attempt to fix appveyor 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard d9f6275c4b
build: attempt to fix appveyor 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 61edb2ba14
build: attempt to fix appveyor 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard fe43d6dada
fix: ensure useragent string passes chromecast sniff test 1 year ago
  Samuel Attard 7477da89e9
chore: minify SVG 1 year ago
  Jesse Ostrander 603bde29bd Add a button in each player to switch service (#3647) 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 455935cf8d Bump is-my-json-valid from 2.17.1 to 2.20.0 (#3654) 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] c75441b159 Bump concat-with-sourcemaps from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0 (#3655) 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 406d23149d Bump lodash from 4.17.4 to 4.17.13 (#3653) 1 year ago
  Jorge Hernández 52fbd23105 Resize try icon (#3628) 1 year ago
  Jesse Ostrander 2184f59766 Update ytmusic.js to 6.2.1 (#3646) 1 year ago
  Robin Jacobs a14182f26a Completed/improved Dutch translations (#3643) 1 year ago
  Jesse Ostrander 1697d30a72 Only switch to a different service, never reload. Fixes #3614 (#3621) 1 year ago
  Jesse Ostrander e4e093d318 Fix GPM loading (#3651) 1 year ago
  Jorge Hernández 60b2cf1660 Update es-ES.json (#3622) 1 year ago
  Dave Gallant 1bbbe8687b fix media key mapping on Linux (#3645) 1 year ago
  Roman 4a690dc273 chore: fix typo (#3597) 1 year ago