1427 Commits (master)

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  Joshua Friesenhahn aa96c2a5e6 Update CI build info in Readme (#3664) 1 week ago
  reduckted 76e8c14502 Add a clear button to FileInput to allow custom styles to be cleared (#2031) (#3669) 1 week ago
  Fortunato Ventre a3b540950f Update italian translation (#3659) 2 weeks ago
  Samuel Attard 2accdc8136
build: attempt to fix appveyor 2 weeks ago
  Samuel Attard 10aaca9b4b
build: attempt to fix appveyor 2 weeks ago
  Samuel Attard d9f6275c4b
build: attempt to fix appveyor 2 weeks ago
  Samuel Attard 61edb2ba14
build: attempt to fix appveyor 2 weeks ago
  Samuel Attard fe43d6dada
fix: ensure useragent string passes chromecast sniff test 2 weeks ago
  Samuel Attard 7477da89e9
chore: minify SVG 2 weeks ago
  Jesse Ostrander 603bde29bd Add a button in each player to switch service (#3647) 2 weeks ago
  dependabot[bot] 455935cf8d Bump is-my-json-valid from 2.17.1 to 2.20.0 (#3654) 2 weeks ago
  dependabot[bot] c75441b159 Bump concat-with-sourcemaps from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0 (#3655) 2 weeks ago
  dependabot[bot] 406d23149d Bump lodash from 4.17.4 to 4.17.13 (#3653) 2 weeks ago
  Jorge Hernández 52fbd23105 Resize try icon (#3628) 2 weeks ago
  Jesse Ostrander 2184f59766 Update ytmusic.js to 6.2.1 (#3646) 2 weeks ago
  Robin Jacobs a14182f26a Completed/improved Dutch translations (#3643) 2 weeks ago
  Jesse Ostrander 1697d30a72 Only switch to a different service, never reload. Fixes #3614 (#3621) 2 weeks ago
  Jesse Ostrander e4e093d318 Fix GPM loading (#3651) 2 weeks ago
  Jorge Hernández 60b2cf1660 Update es-ES.json (#3622) 4 weeks ago
  Dave Gallant 1bbbe8687b fix media key mapping on Linux (#3645) 4 weeks ago
  Roman 4a690dc273 chore: fix typo (#3597) 2 months ago
  Ervin Barta 5332c057f7 Use a configurable user agent to circumvent the sign in issue (#3608) 2 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander 908be223d7
Fix dbus media implementation. Now grabs media keys on window focus (#3587) 5 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander f1552929ef
Update ytmusic.js (#3586) 5 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander 2d56f588a4 Update flora (#3584) 5 months ago
  Roman Hotsiy 8f86ba735f Fix waitForAudio for yt-music (#3555) 5 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander 1a0dd5effa Update linux media key implementation to use dbus-next (#3569) 5 months ago
  Samuel Attard ea6e477556
fix: use https for lyrics wikia 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 23d97992b8 chore: update packager 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 0e7bea356b build: fix windows CI build. Fixes #3547 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 13bb9405c1 spec: fix WindowManager specs 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 67f8f88a61
refactor: clean up the touch bar implementation to reuse touch bar items 6 months ago
  Ashoka Chandra Wardhan e96f08c7d1 Support for macbook touchbar (#3505) 6 months ago
  Fortunato Ventre 4000220a76 Update italian translation (#3546) 6 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander 218b8c030d Small performance enhancements (#3441) 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 69150941ca fix some bugs in prep for next release 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 3359230aec chore: fix yarn.lock 6 months ago
  Samuel Attard 4c06ecabea
fix: ensure packaging works for Electron 3 8 months ago
  Samuel Attard a66ff70c23
feat: upgrade to Electron 3.1.6 8 months ago
  Avtandil Kikabidze 4ac5b6f28f feat: add Georgian locale (#3401) 8 months ago
  Jorge Hernández 4e1dc9adad fix: update spanish translations (#3403) 8 months ago
  DH Lee a5e6999c92 feat: add Korean locale (#3418) 8 months ago
  Jesse Ostrander 92f71fc6f2 fix: remove now playing menu items from individual song menu (#3455) 8 months ago
  Konrad f5ea959e19 fix: update pl-PL.json (#3470) 8 months ago
  Robin 0c28178cd8 fix: update fr-FR.json (#3472) 8 months ago
  michi-at 9f39203a99 feat: added hotkey for Toggle Repeat button (#3496) 8 months ago
  Tony Crisci 97ac1b193a feat: update to mpris-service 2.0.0 (#3513) 8 months ago
  yuk7 e0af8b19f8 Improve Japanese translation (#3530) 8 months ago
  Samuel Attard f52b9436aa
fix: temporarily disable the lyricsfreak fetcher as it is freezing the main process. Refs #3483 9 months ago
  Fortunato Ventre 130c6d5285 Update italian translation (#3437) 11 months ago