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Fix advanced admin config saving
1 month ago
app Fix advanced admin config saving 1 month ago
cron Make checkmail2 more resiliant to malformed emails 1 year ago
css Make images fit content area 1 year ago
db Removing irrelevant comments from db structure 1 year ago
fonts Removing Image helper and related functions 2 years ago
img Adding SVG MIME-Type icons and supporting code 2 years ago
js Apply correct group ID filter when un-filtering 11 months ago
log Code cleanup 4 years ago
tests Fixing unit test formatting and removing old test 1 year ago
tmp Code cleanup 4 years ago
uploads Code cleanup 4 years ago
.gitattributes Add basic .gitattributes 10 months ago
.gitignore Merge branch 'v1.6-dev' 2 years ago
.htaccess Simplify .htaccess 2 years ago
.travis.yml Hey I know I'll just remove the failing build 2 years ago Minor cleanups for 1.6 changes 2 years ago
LICENSE Adding GNU General Public License Verion 3 5 years ago Switching to SensioLabs badge 1 year ago Adding security policy 2 months ago
composer.json PHP 7.3 support 8 months ago
composer.lock PHP 7.3 support 8 months ago
index.php PHP 7.3 support 8 months ago
install.php Adding bugfix for session lifetime on PHP 7.2 1 year ago
nginx-example.conf Minor cleanups for 1.6 changes 2 years ago
phpunit.xml Adding initial PHPUnit tests and Travis conf 3 years ago

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A high-performance project management system in PHP


Download and extract the latest release a web accessible directory, go to the page in a browser, and fill in your database connection details.

Detailed requirements and installation instructions are available at


Phproject uses Composer for dependency management. After cloning the repository, run composer install to install the required packages.


Phproject is maintained as an open source project for use by anyone around the world under the GNU General Public License. If you find a bug or would like a new feature added, open an issue or submit a pull request with new code. If you want to help with translation, you can submit translations via Crowdin.