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This repository contains the code to the case study Ivan and Andreas had to make during the 5th semester. The repository exists mostly as a place to work together and for educational purposes in case someone needs inspiration for this own school projects.

Dieses Repository enthält den Code der Webtechnologie Case Study von Ivan und Andreas. Das Repository existiert hauptsächlich für die Zusammenarbeit sowie als Inspiration falls jemand ähnlich Schulprojekte hat.

Installation und Guidelines


To get started with this repository make sure that you have Virtualbox and Vagrant installed.

After you have installed Vagrant and Virtualbox run this command in a terminal to make sure that you have installed the Virtualbox plugin for Vagrant.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

To start the virtual machine then run this command from the root of the repository (where the file "Vagrantfile" is stored).

vagrant up

Vagrant will then provision a virtual machine according to the specifications in the "Vagrantfile" file. After it's finished you should be able to access the web page under http://localhost:8080

To access the admin panel visit http://localhost:8080/admin the default login is "admin" and the corresponding password is "password". By default the application contains some example categories and articles as well as a test user. The username of the test user is "test_user" and the password is "password".


We don't provide any support for the content in this repository.


The project is licensed under the GPLv3 license.