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  Ivan Hörler 4c2022f104 correcting typo 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler ebc92f81c4 create repeatable setup 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler f80f5ca7fb calmed some reactions in clusterview 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 095e8033e4 more tests about ajax and update from service but no chance 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 8e50539c9c make the clusterview a bit nicer 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler ba9d0f35f8 correct a faulty foreach iteration that lead to a multiplication of edges to every City node and add a refresh method on service 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 5a472dc25c improve cluster view 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 00fd8301b2 refactor cities to be atomar for cluster identifing 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 3669afaa13 Refactor some Cluster things 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 0929dc9732 Add chunk of changes that are all realated to refactoring Databulder. 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler de661359d7 enhance the databuilder with option from GUI 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 0199334093 -remove unneccessery arrays 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski f93c4f66bc minor changes 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 2f2f747f4b delete unused creation of list 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 28c308c5d2 spacing 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 2bb15a26eb put all the randomizer functions into 1 service to use 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski ac076fb52d Add results origins and exams to the randomizer 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 3bee2333f1 moved the randomizer functions away from the global and into the databuilder files 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 5ca4544e15 finish relations, added unique id's for each entity and linked Uid's to clusters. 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 4547400137 export to variable in js first works 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler b00d0e937d add lists to json and camelcase it to match json standards 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 8cc003cc03 cleanup 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler cff5a09e01 refactoring clusterjson 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 484396086b try to serve d3.js directly 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 6ff8631121 simplify tests 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler d835495591 refactor ClusterConverter and Model 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 7473c46d73 correct blueprint 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler f46b9e466b change db patient call 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler f8e2705de3 instantiate 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 61e2161b71 test WriteJson 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 9ec488b15a blop 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 52df5d3a90 philosophers relatedness test from http://graphalchemist.github.io/Alchemy/#/examples 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 84a6ff676f first basic test of alchemy 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 7f82d99616 Finalize the Client with real Random Value Generator throug Bogus dependency and Dropdown Bacterialist 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 48036aa105 add ping to service for connection test 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler c09df77e99 Revert "Added and enhanced SQL Querys and connection blocker" 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 66eb53fadc Added and enhanced SQL Querys and connection blocker 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler b5736e9e3c Finaly got Client to run. 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 35309aa950 change naming to what we have in working patient and doctor 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 16b6b91b7b match names to SQL changes 2 years ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 3191732420 added seeding function on application start, to add 10 patients and doctors 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler ffafd3cae2 convert inhertied classes of db objects to partial classes of db objects so overwriting of db classes through entityframework does not take effect on our own work. 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 25c4b52ea7 changed db first style to match pluralized form and again update the deleted namespace and inherited class : xyAcces 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 059c976091 change debug information to x86 because Visual Studio is 32bit and fix inheritance form Access classes again 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 87d07b3097 various changes for db and service so that feedback from db connection can be established. 2 years ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 6bc10ad774 just db connection string changes 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 8051a4ea2f first working entity patient takes place in db. 2 years ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 3cffe64240 fixing off the auto changes of the model validation to the db 2 years ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 268f7b8f55 cleaning code 2 years ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 99b84a9add removing some mapping error with the server 2 years ago