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  Ivan Hörler 4c2022f104 correcting typo 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler ebc92f81c4 create repeatable setup 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler f80f5ca7fb calmed some reactions in clusterview 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 095e8033e4 more tests about ajax and update from service but no chance 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 8e50539c9c make the clusterview a bit nicer 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler ba9d0f35f8 correct a faulty foreach iteration that lead to a multiplication of edges to every City node and add a refresh method on service 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 5a472dc25c improve cluster view 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 00fd8301b2 refactor cities to be atomar for cluster identifing 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 3669afaa13 Refactor some Cluster things 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 0929dc9732 Add chunk of changes that are all realated to refactoring Databulder. 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler de661359d7 enhance the databuilder with option from GUI 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 0199334093 -remove unneccessery arrays 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski f93c4f66bc minor changes 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 2f2f747f4b delete unused creation of list 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 28c308c5d2 spacing 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 2bb15a26eb put all the randomizer functions into 1 service to use 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski ac076fb52d Add results origins and exams to the randomizer 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 1970f5a61e Merge branch 'master' of https://git.2li.ch/ibz/oop_II-6 1 year ago
  Ismail Cadaroski 3bee2333f1 moved the randomizer functions away from the global and into the databuilder files 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler f09a28dffd cleanup out-commented codeblock of constraints 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 6eb2aaa4e7 only set multiusermode if singleuser is active 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler f7be1ac531 Integrate check for connections into check for DB existance to avoid error on new creations of EHEC_DB 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 971348764e Set all Uid's to NOT NULL 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 2ebe968eb6 Revert INSERT INTO Results to code side needs to undo in SQL File 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 0a4674d9fe refactor SQL DB CREATE for better maintainance 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 3d37c7a678 fix break on buttonsend _click 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 3067bccdaa add flow of data to db as comments 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler f07c311cdf set Uid's to Null accepted. 1 year ago
  Ivan Hörler 5ca4544e15 finish relations, added unique id's for each entity and linked Uid's to clusters. 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 4547400137 export to variable in js first works 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler b00d0e937d add lists to json and camelcase it to match json standards 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 8cc003cc03 cleanup 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler cff5a09e01 refactoring clusterjson 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 484396086b try to serve d3.js directly 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 6ff8631121 simplify tests 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler d835495591 refactor ClusterConverter and Model 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 7473c46d73 correct blueprint 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler f46b9e466b change db patient call 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler f8e2705de3 instantiate 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 61e2161b71 test WriteJson 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 9ec488b15a blop 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 52df5d3a90 philosophers relatedness test from http://graphalchemist.github.io/Alchemy/#/examples 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 84a6ff676f first basic test of alchemy 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 7f82d99616 Finalize the Client with real Random Value Generator throug Bogus dependency and Dropdown Bacterialist 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler a9defbad51 enhance SQL DB Creation file with Single connection to avoid errors in new creation. 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 7ebabf41b2 add ping to client to test connection 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 48036aa105 add ping to service for connection test 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 6e8f46a172 add dev querryfile 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler c09df77e99 Revert "Added and enhanced SQL Querys and connection blocker" 2 years ago
  Ivan Hörler 66eb53fadc Added and enhanced SQL Querys and connection blocker 2 years ago