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@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
;;; evil-collection.el --- A set of keybindings for Evil mode -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2017 James Nguyen
;; Copyright (C) 2017, 2023 James Nguyen
;; Author: James Nguyen <>
;; Pierre Neidhardt <>
@ -437,10 +437,10 @@ functions added to this hook should include a \"&rest _rest\" for forward
(defun evil-collection-define-operator-key (operator map-sym &rest bindings)
"Defines a key on a specific operator e.g. yank or delete.
"Define a key on a specific OPERATOR e.g. yank or delete.
This function is useful for adding specific binds to operator maps
(e.g. `evil-yank' or `evil-delete') without erasing the original bind.
\(e.g. `evil-yank' or `evil-delete') without erasing the original bind.
For example, say one wants to bind \"yf\" to something but also wants to keep
@ -449,7 +449,7 @@ This function takes care of checking the whitelist/blacklist against the full
For example:
(evil-collection-define-operator-key \='yank
\(evil-collection-define-operator-key \='yank
\='pass-mode-map \"f\" \='pass-copy-field)
This will check \"yf\" against a user's white/blacklist and also record the
@ -498,8 +498,8 @@ binding in `annalist' as so."
(defun evil-collection--filter-states (state)
"Return a list states after filtering STATE (a single symbol or list of symbols).
The return value adheres to `evil-collection-state-passlist' and
`evil-collection-state-denylist'. When the STATE is `nil', which
means all states for `evil-define-key', return `nil'."
`evil-collection-state-denylist'. When the STATE is nil, which
means all states for `evil-define-key', return nil."
(let ((states (if (listp state) state (list state))))
(if evil-collection-state-passlist
@ -707,16 +707,16 @@ invocation."
(dolist (mode-symbol modes)
(let ((keymap-symbol (intern (format "%S-map" mode-symbol))))
(dolist (state states)
(evil-delay `(and (boundp ',keymap-symbol)
(keymapp ,keymap-symbol))
'after-load-functions t nil
(symbol-name (cl-gensym (format "evil-collection-translate-key-in-%s"
(evil-with-delay `(and (boundp ',keymap-symbol)
(keymapp ,keymap-symbol))
(format "evil-collection-translate-key-in-%s" ,keymap-symbol))))
(evil-collection--translate-minor-mode-key state mode-symbol
translations destructive))))))
(defun evil-collection--translate-minor-mode-key (state
@ -812,13 +812,16 @@ invocation."
(setq states (list states)))
(dolist (keymap-symbol keymaps)
(dolist (state states)
(evil-delay `(and (boundp ',keymap-symbol)
(keymapp ,keymap-symbol))
`(evil-collection--translate-key ',state ',keymap-symbol
',translations ,destructive)
'after-load-functions t nil
(symbol-name (cl-gensym (format "evil-collection-translate-key-in-%s"
(evil-with-delay `(and (boundp ',keymap-symbol)
(keymapp ,keymap-symbol))
(format "evil-collection-translate-key-in-%s" ,keymap-symbol))))
(evil-collection--translate-key state keymap-symbol
translations destructive)))))
(defmacro evil-collection-swap-key (states keymaps &rest args)
@ -839,7 +842,7 @@ should consist of key swaps (e.g. \"a\" \"b\" is equivalent to \"a\" \"b\" \"b\"
"Wrapper around `evil-collection-translate-minor-mode-key' for swapping keys.
STATES, MODES, and ARGS are passed to
`evil-collection-translate-minor-mode-key'. ARGS should consist of key swaps
(e.g. \"a\" \"b\" is equivalent to \"a\" \"b\" \"b\" \"a\"
\(e.g. \"a\" \"b\" is equivalent to \"a\" \"b\" \"b\" \"a\"
with `evil-collection-translate-minor-mode-key') and optionally keyword
arguments for `evil-collection-translate-minor-mode-key'."
(declare (indent defun))