Adds missing faces for bm

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David Holm 2013-07-09 14:18:29 -07:00 committed by Greg Pfeil
parent 30dfe48d81
commit 28e5612042
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@ -504,8 +504,10 @@ contains Solarized symbols."
(ace-jump-face-background (,@fmt-none ,@fg-base01))
(ace-jump-face-foreground (,@fmt-bold ,@fg-red))
;; bm visual bookmarks
(bm-fringe-face (,@bg-orange ,@fg-base03))
(bm-fringe-persistent-face (,@bg-blue ,@fg-base03))
(bm-face ((t (,@bg-orange ,@fg-base03))))
(bm-fringe-face ((t (,@bg-orange ,@fg-base03))))
(bm-fringe-persistent-face ((t (,@bg-blue ,@fg-base03))))
(bm-persistent-face ((t (,@bg-blue ,@fg-base03))))
;; Flymake
(flymake-errline (,@fmt-bold ,@fg-red)) ; Error
(flymake-warnline (,@fmt-bold ,@fg-red))