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  Raphael Kruse c9cc6698d2
Fix a broken link in customizing-gitea.en-us.md (#15543) 9 hours ago
  Lunny Xiao ce8255fb7b
Change the chinese discuss link to discourse (#15533) 1 day ago
  GiteaBot 7417628f8d [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 2 days ago
  Lunny Xiao a3c4c57b7c
Fix bug on commit graph (#15517) 2 days ago
  GiteaBot eee30d5586 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 3 days ago
  zeripath b1e138511b
Prevent migration 156 failure if tag commit missing (#15519) 3 days ago
  zeripath 324cff68c9
Send size to /avatars if requested (#15459) 3 days ago
  Lunny Xiao c29620c05f
Add tests for clone from wiki (#15513) 3 days ago
  6543 a67861b4dc
Fix Benchmark tests, remove a broken one & add two new (#15250) 3 days ago
  techknowlogick c29e85228f
frontport: 1.14.1 changelog (#15503) 3 days ago
  techknowlogick 024ef3940f
add well-known config for OIDC (#15355) 3 days ago
  zeripath 6a7090b41d
Fix missing icons and colorpicker when mounted on suburl (#15501) 4 days ago
  Kindyroo 953f39822b
Fix: npx webpack make: *** [Makefile:699: public/js/index.js] Error -… (#15465) 4 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 92c09a90f7
Fix bug clone wiki (#15499) 4 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 8202dd1311
Performance improvement for list pull requests (#15447) 4 days ago
  Kyle D f44543a1bb
Disable Stars config option (#14653) 4 days ago
  firesoft-de af2adb4e35
Specify relation between multiple signing options (#15496) 4 days ago
  6543 2a42d80d14
migration: github: if rate limit is not enabled, ignore it (#15490) 4 days ago
  zeripath 217b5c150f
Query the DB for the hash before inserting in to email_hash (#15457) 4 days ago
  silverwind f7830041f4
Make build scripts compatible with node 12 (#15479) 4 days ago
  zeripath 9d07facdeb
Ensure review dismissal only dismisses the correct review (#15477) 4 days ago
  zeripath 61bae620c1
Build go-git variants for windows (#15482) 4 days ago
  Lunny Xiao dc5a1d617d
Fix potential copy lfs records failure when fork a repository (#15441) 5 days ago
  KN4CK3R cf8f66e5dc
Use subdir for URL (#15446) 5 days ago
  Naohisa Murakami 1426601cf7
Use index of the supported tags to choose user lang (#15452) 5 days ago
  John Olheiser 078df7a392
quick fix (#15464) 5 days ago
  KN4CK3R 662bbed32e
Fixed several typos. (#15470) 5 days ago
  a1012112796 08ba895c2b
fix wrong file link in code search page (#15466) 5 days ago
  zeripath 1ee776970a
Fix ambiguous argument error on tags (#15432) 5 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 424bd86c60
Display more repository type on admin repository management (#15440) 5 days ago
  zeripath 8e2a8efd84
Prevent superfluous response.WriteHeader (#15456) 5 days ago
  Martin Michaelis 55eb1745bd
OAuth2 auto-register (#5123) 5 days ago
  6543 ca2e1d8090
docs: migration start new section (#15462) 5 days ago
  GiteaBot 35381a0e4f [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 6 days ago
  zeripath cd79fbf94a
v172 migration adds created_unix field instead of expiry (#15458) 6 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 66f0fd0959
Add NeedPostProcess for Parser interface to improve performance of csv render (#15153) 6 days ago
  KN4CK3R bf3e584de2
Fix repository search (#15428) 6 days ago
  zeripath 27f9bda769
Prevent NPE on avatar direct rendering if federated avatars disabled (#15434) 1 week ago
  silverwind 51313fbb63
Clone panel fixes (#15435) 1 week ago
  silverwind b18042bb8c
Fix wiki clone urls (#15430) 1 week ago
  techknowlogick 26e16e4ee4
docs: rm deprecated docs regarding environment variable usage in docker image (#15405) 1 week ago
  KN4CK3R a35a5b225c
Add ETag header (#15370) 1 week ago
  Johan Van de Wauw 6d2866f20c
dump: Add option to skip LFS/attachment files (#15407) 1 week ago
  Tomás Warynyca db4acd864f
fix dingtalk icon url (#15417) 1 week ago
  GiteaBot d42509a534 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
  6543 83d771c1c7
use repo1_bare to test against (#15402) 1 week ago
  zeripath 8171478d1d
Standardise icon on projects PR page (#15387) 1 week ago
  a1012112796 63411309fb
add some reponse status on api docs (#15399) 1 week ago
  6543 18efe9a023
Changelog v1.14.0 (#15360) (#15400) 1 week ago
  silverwind d848098f60
Enforce tab indentation in templates (#15289) 1 week ago