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🐳 LibreNMS Docker image based on Alpine Linux and Nginx.
If you are interested, check out my other Docker images!

💡 Want to be notified of new releases? Check out 🔔 Diun (Docker Image Update Notifier) project!


Try in PWD


Multi-platform image

Following platforms for this image are available:

$ docker run --rm mplatform/mquery librenms/librenms:latest
Image: librenms/librenms:latest
 * Manifest List: Yes
 * Supported platforms:
   - linux/amd64
   - linux/arm/v6
   - linux/arm/v7
   - linux/arm64
   - linux/386
   - linux/ppc64le
   - linux/s390x


How can I help?

All kinds of contributions are welcome 🙌! The most basic way to show your support is to star 🌟 the project, or to raise issues 💬 You can also support this project by becoming a sponsor on GitHub 👏 or by making a Paypal donation to ensure this journey continues indefinitely! 🚀

Thanks again for your support, it is much appreciated! 🙏


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.