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  TW ca75f08c14
Merge pull request #5246 from ThomasWaldmann/sizeof_fmt 2 days ago
  Thomas Waldmann 87e3b699c0 revert 0-formatting to be compatible with previous behaviour 2 days ago
  Dark Dragon 831448684c Improve sizeof_fmt() 1 month ago
  Thomas Portmann dfc5e915cc
Fixed locking, issue #4923 (#4928) 5 days ago
  TW f2f8692f86
Merge pull request #5242 from ThomasWaldmann/fix-rc-on-signal 1 week ago
  Thomas Waldmann e0545e921d exit with 128 + signal number, fixes #5161 1 week ago
  TW 5b5bd9f7f2
Merge pull request #5238 from fantasya-pbem/docs/5193_Recreate-exclude-if-present 1 week ago
  TW 2ea3878234
Update FUNDING.yml 1 week ago
  TW 57843f3f52
Create FUNDING.yml 1 week ago
  Thalian f096656438 docs: clarify how exclude options work in recreate, #5193 2 weeks ago
  TW 7033d5054f
Merge pull request #5226 from ThomasWaldmann/server-enforces-umask 1 week ago
  Benedikt Seidl 6a1f31bf29
[DOCS] Add socat pull mode (#5150) 2 weeks ago
  TW e351eedd87
Merge pull request #5140 from fantasya-pbem/docs/2088_Move-resources 2 weeks ago
  TW 8e846935a2
Merge pull request #5201 from strager/import-to-key-file 2 weeks ago
  TW a8c262f3c1
Merge pull request #5227 from ThomasWaldmann/fix-4911 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann d2536de4ee fix hardlinked CACHEDIR.TAG processing, fixes #4911 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann 29731401b5 add test for hardlinked CACHEDIR.TAG issue #4911 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann c531901763 --umask is for the local borg process only, fixes #4947 3 weeks ago
  TW 23f4a7d874
Merge pull request #5224 from ThomasWaldmann/read-special-part-files-mode 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann dee402652f --read-special: .part files also should be regular files, fixes #5217 3 weeks ago
  TW 91cf1a35b0
Merge pull request #5223 from ThomasWaldmann/update-changes 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann bfd80ee64a update CHANGES with 1.1.12 and 1.1.13 changelog 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann fc669b387a update CHANGES 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Waldmann d8cbdfc359 fix typo 1 month ago
  Matthew Glazar 5a32de918e allow key-import+BORG_KEY_FILE to create key files 1 month ago
  Matthew Glazar 538d3245cd refactor key file searching functions 1 month ago
  Peter Gerber 00b09370c0
Allow creating archives using stdout of given command (#5174) 1 month ago
  Uriel 8b6f4a1afe
docs: explain hash collision (#5188) 1 month ago
  TW b504d3dd41
Merge pull request #5197 from FelixSchwarz/pytest-warning 1 month ago
  TW ebd83a5688
Merge pull request #5206 from elho/feature/fix-unintended-preload 1 month ago
  Felix Schwarz 3f68f40a38 declare "allow_cache_wipe" marker in setup.cfg to avoid pytest warning 1 month ago
  TW 47b1c47459
Merge pull request #5204 from ThomasWaldmann/fix-sporadic-test_delete_force-failure-master 1 month ago
  Elmar Hoffmann dad3aa9dae rename local preload() function to not overwrite keyword argument of same name 1 month ago
  Thomas Waldmann bf2fadc54d test_delete_force: avoid sporadic test setup issues, fixes #5196 1 month ago
  Hauke Rehfeld 9019b48fd5
parseformat: unnecessary calls removed (#5169) 2 months ago
  TW 08a12cc405
Merge pull request #5160 from fantasya-pbem/bugfix/borg-config-last-segment-checked 2 months ago
  Thalian 94189b3203 [BUGFIX] Borg config --list does not show last_segment_checked, #5159 2 months ago
  RR 0e76dff33e
fix "--recompress option is counter intuitive", fixes #5154 (#5155) 2 months ago
  TW fae0b9b1ee
Merge pull request #5153 from ThomasWaldmann/rel120a8 2 months ago
  Thomas Waldmann 1c7d267e1f pypi metadata: we also support python 3.8 now 2 months ago
  Thomas Waldmann 403dabd8f6 MANIFEST.in: add syncfilerange.c, reformat 2 months ago
  Thomas Waldmann 1581c4f9c4 build_man 2 months ago
  Thomas Waldmann 17220e09ab build_usage 2 months ago
  Thomas Waldmann 95d10b84c4 update CHANGES, set release date 2 months ago
  TW 914a52ac15
Merge pull request #4683 from elho/only-compress-if-smaller 2 months ago
  Elmar Hoffmann d1e730355d only store compressed data if the result actually is smaller 1 year ago
  TW 27a41f5c1f
Merge pull request #5115 from ThomasWaldmann/redo-pr-4269 2 months ago
  TW cac301ef25
Merge pull request #5151 from ThomasWaldmann/update-changes-master 2 months ago
  Thomas Waldmann b5ab795d6f update CHANGES (master) 2 months ago
  TW 088dbf9e20
Merge pull request #5147 from ThomasWaldmann/vagrant-updates3 2 months ago