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Stephen Michel 4e30699aa7 Exclude lib64 from git whether folder or symlink 2 months ago
jtpavlock 441cfebff1
add .venv/ to gitignore 2 years ago
Jacob Pavlock 7280ab2be0 remove nosetest.xml from .gitignore 2 years ago
jtpavlock 45abc9ed7a
Clean up code and tests for Genius Lyrics plugin backend (#3641) 2 years ago
jroitgrund@gmail.com ea307f62d1 Don't move album art twice 3 years ago
Jim DeLaHunt 2885a189f8 Ignore PyDev and Eclipse project settings. 6 years ago
Johnny Robeson a3b219d7c2 Rebase our .gitignore on top of gitignore.io 6 years ago
Fabrice Laporte 5434c028a4 lyrics: add sources to google CSE 7 years ago
Thomas Scholtes 575740f5a5 echonest: test different methods to fetch songs 7 years ago
e5e4eaeacd39c5cfba4d7c852c48277ae50331e6 816e4fb152 clean up after rebase 7 years ago
e5e4eaeacd39c5cfba4d7c852c48277ae50331e6 66aee8094f Clean up of logging messages as described here 8 years ago
e5e4eaeacd39c5cfba4d7c852c48277ae50331e6 a8daba2a75 Clean up of logging messages as described here 8 years ago
Thomas Scholtes 6d22c7489c Test build with setup.py 8 years ago
Thomas Scholtes fdd2849fec Ignore generated man pages 8 years ago
Adrian Sampson 14fa8d52d1 gitignore coverage ouput 8 years ago
Pedro Silva 89c0e2c8b7 Fix issue #403 8 years ago
Marc Abramowitz a69b669abc Add .tox to .gitignore 10 years ago
Andrew 4df4ce05ce Created a .gitignore for the group 10 years ago